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The 7 Weirdest Celebrity Rap Projects

May. 13 1:32 PM by Brady Sullivan

Although many rappers have crossed over the Hollywood divide to become successful actors and actresses, the same cannot be said in reverse. Yet celebrities cannot seem to stay away from the rap scene, eager to prove that they can sort of sing and rhyme words along with the best of them. Keep reading for 7 of the weirdest incidences of celebrities deciding to launch their own (short) rap careers.

7- Ron Jeremy

Sex has become a staple among rap lyrics, so who better to lay down a rad beat than the lord of Porn, Ron Jeremy? Turns out a lot of people actually. But that didn't stop Ron from giving it his all alongside DJ Polo, who obviously did most of the heavy lifting on their collaboration, "Freak of the Week." But what Ron lacks in musical ability he makes up for in pure enthusiasm and his ability to bring in the A-list guest stars, such as Corey Feldman and Joey Buttafouco. That's like "Ocean's 11" level star power. It may seem odd that someone whose only real skill is having sex would try to be a rapper, but then again Ron Jeremy has proven time and time again that he will do absolutely anything to get attention.

6- Shaquille O'Neal

If height and shoe size had anything to do with rapping ability, Shaq may have had a good shot in the world of hip-hop. Unfortunately that would make no sense. So instead the insightful lyrics and skilled rapping that went into such not-quite-hits as "Shoot Pass Slam" and "Blaq Supaman" we're never fully appreciated in their time. Those two are prime examples of his subtle genius. Any normal lyricist would have "pass" come before "shoot" because of pesky logic, but not our man Shaq. And what else must be said about the title "Blaq Supaman"? Misspelling has never been so sublime. Despite his earnest attempts to form a rap career, Shaq's dreams we're eventually dashed. At least he had his acting career to fall back on.

5- Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks

Dan Akroyd's first musical pairing along with John Belushi as the Blues Brothers resulted in some of the finest musical comedy that has ever graced the screen. However, his attempt to resurrect that kind of magic by rapping alongside Tom Hanks didn't quite pan out. As a special bonus at the end of their movie "Dragnet," the two came together for the song "City of Crime" to rap as their characters in the film. Of course that was not enough. These are actors we're talking about. They had to shoot an entire video for the throwaway song. Have the Academy Award people seen this video? They must be able to take at least one of Hanks' Oscars away over it. Sorry for the low quality video, but I assure you, even seeing this thing in Blu-Ray won't help make it better. It actually might make it more painful.

4- "Macho Man" Randy Savage

Here's a brilliant idea: let's take the professional wrestler with the most grating and unsettling voice imaginable and give him his own rap album. And better yet, we should let him just repeat "Oh yeah!" and "Dig it!" over and over again for as long as he wants and call it a song. I'll admit, that's not an entirely fair assessment of Macho Man's rapping career. Some of his songs do have substantial content, like "Macho Thang" where he sings about...being macho. Macho Man even attempted a rap revival recently with his song "Be A Man" aimed at Hulk Hogan, where he mocks him for his starring roles in several movies by gloating over his two minute bit-part in Spider-Man. Way to stick it to the Hulkster, Randy. I'm sure he's weeping into his piles of money.

3- Rick Moranis

Right around the time of his emergence as a Hollywood star in the late 80's, when Spaceballs, Little Shop of Horrors and Honey I Shrunk the Kids we're fresh in our minds, Rick Moranis released his first (and , not so coincidentally, last) rap music video. What was Moranis, the reigning king of nerds at the time, thinking? In the video for "Ipanema Rap," Moranis fluctuates between 80's music stereotypes, from a rocker trying to hide his double neck guitar under his coat to a Madonna-esque drag queen. Despite the legitimate sounding rap he lip-synchs along to, Moranis is sure to inject it with SCTV style humor, including the visual pun of "Saran RAP" and a cameo by Eugene Levy as a...well, a weird person of some sort. Hopefully Levy stops making American Pie sequels for long enough to act in a follow up.

2- Mike Ditka

After his initial refusal to appear in the Chicago Bear's famous "Superbowl Shuffle" rap video, legendary football coach Mike Ditka decided to top it in every way with his own rap single: "The Grabowski Shuffle." More awkward and immediately dated than the original, with even less of a reason to exist, the song acts as an iron-clad argument against any sports coach who decides to pick up a microphone (besides that funny headset one they wear on their head). Ditka added a final layer of oddity to the song by choosing to rap about "grabowskis," his own term for hard-working individuals. Maybe next time you can choose an actual term that doesn't require an obscure history of football reference book to understand, Mike.

1- Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield found himself getting so little respect in the 80's that he had no choice: he had to rap about it! The king of self-deprecation and self pity transformed himself into Rappin Rodney, and alongside a slew of backup singers created a rap song that basically amounts to Rodney changing the wording of a bunch of his jokes to make them rhyme and then telling them to the beat. Unfortunately this video didn't get Rodney the respect he was always so desperately seeking, so we never got a sequel video based on his other most famous line: "Hey everybody, we're all gonna get laid!" Ah what a song it would have been.


It's John Belushi not Jim Belushi that was a Blues Brother you knucklehead.


Say what you will about his rap skills but Shaq was a force on the basketball court. Geez, to be able to dunk a basketball like that guy just once.


Whoa. I knew about Ron Jeremy making it in a music video by Los Umbrellos ("No Tengo Dinero"), but not this!


dude, i can't believe RON JEREMY tried to be a rap artist! Guys are sooo wierd, lol.


Wow, I'm still pretty mouth agape. That was awesome. Top 3 for me go to, in no particular order:
-Hanks/Aykroyd - that's a fuc*in' relic there
-Ron Jeremy

Didn't get a chance to see the Dangerfield (video no longer avail), but damn - that Ditka was brutal.


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