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8 Gaming Items That Were Made To Be Misplaced

Apr. 28 12:51 PM by Xivy

Nothing puts a damper on a potential gaming session like finding out a critical component is nowhere to be found. The following 8 accessories and games are the toughest to find when you need them.

8- NES Game Sleeves/ Game Boy Cases

These neat little game holders didn't really serve much of a purpose--NES games still required a lungful of air blown into them in order to start playing and stepping on a Game Boy game usually meant the end of its life, regardless of whether it was encased. What the constant misplacement of these items really meant was that your collection would be a motley assortment of sheathed and unsheathed games. And that you'd have a handful of empties at any given time, but never enough for all your games.

7- DS/PSP/ GBA SP Charger

The handheld: most portable gamers don't leave home without it. They're perfect for people on the move and it breaks the tedium of traveling. But after several hours of play, the low battery alerts you to charge the dreaded thing soon, so you scramble around for the charger only to realize that you've either misplaced it or left it at home. You could shell out another 25 bucks for a replacement if it's a particularly long trip or you could stare at a wall and twiddle your thumbs for the remaining 2 hours. Must... entertain... thumbs...

6- GameCube Memory Cards

This handy little device allowed you to save hours of gameplay onto a conveniently compact unit in which you may carry with you wherever you go. These were made even more portable by the fact that the GameCube was designed to encourage easy transportation for multiplayer activities. Due to the fact that the cards sold at launch were criminally small, hardcore GameCube owners had multiple memory cards that were easily mixed up, lost, or left at friends' homes, and many epic Wind Waker quests were lost in the process.

5- DS Games

The DS games are as tiny as the old GameCube memory cards and about half the size of the GBA catridges. In its convenient portability, it can also be rather inconvenient to lose them. Perhaps this is all a ploy to force us into buying the same beloved games that we somehow manage to lose. Nintendo has always been known for their brilliant marketing strategies.

4- GameCube WaveBird Receivers

Horaay for wireless controllers! No more tripping over tangled wires or losing breakaway attachments! All I need to do is sit back and let the RF transmitter send signals to the receiver that I plug into the GameCube and--wait, where is the receiver? What do you mean I won't be able to use the controller without it?! Curse you, accessory gremlin. Curse you.

3- Xbox/ Xbox 360 Controller Breakaway Cable

How thoughtful of Microsoft to create breakaway cables for the clumsy players who habitually trip over wires. They no longer have to worry about the attached console falling to the ground, potentially damaging it with their adept footwork. The problem with accident-prone people is that they tend to also lose things--especially small things composed of multiple parts.

2- Game Instructions

Most people can play the game without the instructions manual either through trial-and-error or built-in game tutorials. So, it's really no surprise that the oft-neglected game manual are either trashed or tossed with your other unused junk. Even after you've encountered a particularly difficult place in the game, the instructions manual is the last place that you would check. When was the last time that you referred to the printed game manual before checking GameFAQS?

1- DS Stylus

Ah, the DS stylus: it's so sleek, so slim, and so easy to use... and lose. Losing it is almost as bad as losing your millionth ballpoint pen except that it's not nearly as costly to replace. For some people, the DS stylus is like losing a limb and playing Zelda just feels unnatural without it.


I hate those breakaway cords on the Xbox controllers. I have three controllers and only one end. I have no idea what happened to the other two. I have about thirty NES games and not a single case.


I bought this bigass DS pen stylus thing like a year ago and I always know where that thing is, its impossible to lose


I don't have to worry about DS styluses because I am in the rather unique position of having more of the damn things than I know what to do with. In a bizarre marketing strategy around here, every time I bought a game the store seemed willing to hand over three styluses with it. Then I got Elite Beat Agents, which for $15 came with the game, three styluses, a case, and a cleaning cloth. I always thought Nintendo was more into nickel-and-diming you on the extras, not handing them out like candy?


I just use an empty Mechanical Pencil when I lose the Stylus- though I can't keep my stylus for more than 2 hours.


I would like to add type of link cable for the GameBoy series.


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