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The 6 Best Mock Movies-within-Movies

Apr. 10 5:11 PM by De_Blenniss

Viewers always want what they can't have, and filmmakers know that. What better bait to throw their way than the meta-movie? These little bits of imagination sometimes served as a plot point, and other times to satirize the movie-making process, but they were always entertaining. And we'd love to see them expanded to full-length. If "Machete" can do it, these can!

6- Logjammin'

Without a doubt "Logjammin'" is one of the most memorable fake pornos in film. From the legendary producer Jackie Treehorn who 'treats objects like women," this low budget production features Bunny Lebowski in one of her first staring vehicles. As a sort of catalyst for the Dude's search for his rug, "Logjammin'" lead the audience through the seedy side of L.A. from nihilists to paralyzed millionaires. But there is one question left to be answered ;"Did he end up fixing the cable?"

5- Stab

"Scream" went a long way towards revitalizing the horror movie in the mid-90's by tweaking the rules of the genre. When the sequel came to fruition, the Scream series was in danger of falling prey to what it satirized. Enter "Stab," the horror movie "inspired by the events" of "Scream." With more outrageous characters played by the likes of Tori Spelling and Luke Wilson, "Stab" parodies how older, larger horror productions overplayed for scares. Fun fact: Wes Craven tapped Robert Rodruigez to direct "Stab," who then incorporated fake trailers into the intermission of his double-feature "Grindhouse".

4- Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck must've owed Kevin Smith a favor. Kevin Smith's parody of "Good Will Hunting" in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" shows a sad side of Hollywood; taking a formula that has worked previously and exploiting it for all its worth. While the meta-movie makes a joke of sequels, with Damon and Affleck repeating similar lines from the original, at the same setting, with the characters, "Hunting Season" contains one of the greatest lines in cinema history, "Applesauce, Bitch!" The sad thing? Affleck would probably jump at the opportunity to star in this now.

3- Brock Landers: Angels Live in My Town

This is the second pornographic film on this list but it's still worthy. Paul Thomas Anderson's epic "Boogie Nights" is full of heavy moments of cocaine-infused despair and tragic violence, but the Brock Landers/ Chest Rockwell documentary placed in the middle of the film provides a moment of relief for the viewer before things really fall apart. Before you know it, Dirk Diggler's making awful music that Marky Mark wouldn't even touch, and Rollergirl's sunk so low she's doing limo-porn.

2- Chubby Rain and Fake Purse Ninjas

Steve Martin's film "Bowfinger" has sort of fallen off the radar in recent years. It's a shame because Martin's screenplay not only takes on Hollywood's creative process, but also the institutions like Scientology years before the rest of the industry had the balls to. Creating a film by filming the star without him knowing it, "Chubby Rain" is the product of low budget filmmaking at its finest. Using a body double played by Eddie Murphy (who surprisingly only plays two non-obese characters in this movie,) the film ends with the premiere of the film the audience has watched being created throughout the plot--a sci-fi horror wherein aliens invade Earth by landing in large raindrops. Although "Chubby Rain" was a hit in "Bowfinger", the film leaves us with a preview Bowfinger's latest production, "Fake Purse Ninjas," which looks even more promising.

1- Pee Wee's Big Adventure

We felt Pee Wee's pain when he lost his bike. We laughed and cried along his big adventure into Hollywood. It's a great story of suffering and triumph, so why wouldn't Hollywood try to make it blockbuster hit? With James Brolin starring as Pee Wee, and Morgan Fairchild as Dottie, "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" ends at the drive-in with the premiere of his biopic--a glamorized version of the story we watched earlier. Replacing Pee Wee;s bike with a motorcycle we see the sweet story we saw earlier with awesome action and lots more sex. Plus Pee Wee's cameo as the bell boy is scene-stealing, even if he doesn't provide the actual voice for his character.


A couple more that I would have added to this list:

- Gotta love the big budget story retelling at the end of Chicken Little

- Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back also features sets from other mock movies, such as a Scream clone being filmed by Wes Craven, and of course the Bluntman & Chronic movie that the titular characters are trying to prevent from being made.

- While not a movie per say, I still get a giggle out of the Happy Juice commercial in EuroTrip


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