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7 Games That Made Leaping Lame

Apr. 9 2:35 PM by Xivy

Hearkening back to the days of Pitfall and Super Mario Bros., videogames have made us all jumping fiends. Even now, with 3D games making the leaps even trickier, there's nothing like clearing a chasm with a running start and a strong jump. These 7 games, however, couldn't get the simple action right and frustrated gamers to no end.

7- Prince of Persia (1989)

Once you get use to the lack of traction and incidental wall-humping, you'll need to find a sword to defeat the guards. Along the way, you may find hidden rooms with power-ups, triggers, and traps. There's also the possibility of falling to your death (the best kind results in a bed of retractable spikes). Dying through trial and error is not an issue as long as you can rescue the princess within an hour of real-time. So, with wall-jumping, death-by-spikes, brutal enemies, and an hour time limit, you can be rest assured of some frustrating falls.

6- Battletoads

The dreaded Turbo Tunnel level: a high-speed side scroller with obstacles that require the player to quickly maneuver around them. Not only must the player dodge slabs of stone walls, but you must also be prepared to jump across platforms at ridiculously lightning-fast speeds. And the trick to mastering these jumps? Watch your shadow! Oh, and hours of frustrating trial-and-error.

5- Frogger (1981)

As a classic, single screen platformer, Frogger deserves a mention. The player has a limited amount of time to get all 5 aquaphobic frogs into the safe area of lilypads, dodging traffic and crossing a river filled with moving logs, diving turtles, hungry alligators, and other unfriendly critters. Like most platform games, timing is essential--one false move and your pixelated green friend becomes roadkill or lunch (perhaps both in some areas of the country).

4- Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind

If you're one of those people who can appreciate a bad pun (or more), Bubsy is the game for you. The gameplay follows some strict rules about where you can land and what you can't touch lest you lose one of your nine lives. Every so often you will be launched into the air with no way of knowing where you will land, and unless you are able to fall directly on top of the enemy's head, touching them will result in a comical furry death. Bubsy added another frustrating jump to his repertoire in Bubsy 3D, wherein you had to leap across platforms using the Resident Evil "rotate and move forward" control method. What a blast.

3- Half-life

Although the Interloper level in Half-life is not the first 3D platformer to be played in a first-person perspective, jumping from platform to platform can be tricky without a parabolic side view. Never mind the hostile aliens. Minor fractures are imminent when you finally spot the trigger needed to advance to the next area and the fastest way to get there is to jump down. You take the risk and crater.

2- Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest

Jumping from one moving platform to another while being attacked by projectiles and patrols of undead and demonic creatures takes a bit of time to master. Most of them travel in a pretty predictable path, but occasionally you get a little impatient and careless--probably because you've become weary of waiting for the pointless transition from night to day, causing you to fall to your death. After a while, you stop caring and intentionally walk off the edge of the platform--over and over again. Eventually it becomes more fun to watch Simon die repeatedly than beating the game.

1- Ghosts 'n Goblins

One of the most difficult games ever made, Ghosts 'n Goblins is infamous for making any player extremely irate, yet there are some who are determined to beat the game (twice even). Each stage has swarms of enemies that attack from all angles, making it nearly impossible to find any safe areas to jump. There's not much room for error, either. Get hit twice and you're dead. Most people give up after the first level, but those who end up finishing the game most certainly appreciate the challenge.


I love Bubsy CEotFK! Too bad he couldn't handle the world of 3D video games. =\


Battletoads ,an that level pissed me off to the extreme lol


There is a really nice first person platformer LINKS OMITTED
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I have to add that I feel that the platforming elements in Half-Life are a walk in the lush, family-friendly state park compared to the tacked-on Jump based torture that existed in the original Turok games for the N64. The platforms were tiny and hard to recognize, and to make matters worse, you could only see about 10 feet in front of your face before everything faded into a dense wall of thick fog. Though the enemies had no problem whats so ever seeing you through this fog, and taking pot shots at you as you tried to jump from log to rock to whatever.


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