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5 Reasons You Should Stop Playing WoW

Mar. 31 4:26 PM by Xivy

You've considered quitting many times, yet you haven't done it yet. No, this is not about your nicotine addiction (Lung Cancer hits you for 5,000 damage!). For some inexplicable reason, you are one of the millions who are still playing World of Warcraft. Here are five reasons why you should quit playing WoW.

5 - Monthly Subscription Fee

While it may only cost about 50 cents to play per day, that number adds up to about 75 dollars after six months, and you've probably already wasted 600 dollars over the last four pathetic years of your life running through the same game mechanics over and over again--yet the tedium of the game is still somehow slightly more appealing than getting a real job and generating the much needed income to fund your sedentary lifestyle. At least you can proudly brag about being exalted with every faction, right?

4 - Socially Inept/Bad Players

While it is the nature of the Internet to allow douche-bags to ruin the enjoyment of the game for everyone else through the cowardly guise of anonymity, playing online also means developing great patience for the terribly clueless and the despicably unskilled players who fail to make use of their class's role. Perhaps some day the degree of tolerance for stupid people will be enough to convince you to quit the game. Or, you could adapt and become one of them.

3 - Grinding

Regardless of your WOW skills, you've got to grind to get good. Spending hours fighting boring battles to level up, make cash, and score important upgrades is a vital part of playing the world's biggest MMO. Maybe you even belong in a raiding guild and feel obligated to gather rather expensive consumables every week in order to earn your share of the loot--but soon it begins to feel like a full time job without any real compensation, so maybe you could devise a plan to make it worth your while (i.e., ask a gold farmer for tips on sweatshop labor). Time is money, friend!

2 - Queue-Queue

One way to wean players off of this game is to simply deny them decent access to it. It's nothing to cry about; life will go on--except your character will remain suspended in time until you can log on again. Some people cannot handle that. But maybe good fortune will fall upon you, and your game card will expire before the queue is over, and you will no longer have to submit yourself to the crowded population of idle players, all sitting in town, looking for a group. Your real-life obligations can always suffer a bit as long as your in-game character doesn't.

1 - Corpse Runs

So it looks like your character has just died again, and that is really tragic. Usually, that's a good time to call it a night and stop playing. But WoW manages to make a game of dying, further sucking you in. When you die, you've got two options; instantly revive yourself with via a spirit healer and risk some serious weapon damage, or trek back to minimize the penalty. More often than not, you're at the furthest point possible from where you died. So, in order to salvage your session, you've got to get all the way back to the spot where you kicked the bucket. Now that you're there, why not try to push forward and finish whatever quest killed you in the first place? Instead of grinding for gold or looking for an incompetent pick-up group, you get to spend your paid subscription running across the map for an eternity so that you may (hopefully) gain another level or two.


Way to be behind the times. First the long queue was usually just Alliance side but that got fixed months ago with cross server BG. The Queue doesnt even look like the screen shot you provided anymore. Everything else you mentioned applies to pretty much every other MMO out there. Should call it top 5 reasons to not play MMO's.


Like the above guy said, all of that pretty much applies to all MMOs. Besides, if enough people actually finally left their computer chairs to stop playing WoW, the Earth would probably tilt.


5 - Subscription fees are nothing new. You have to pay for EVERYTHING anymore.
4 - Just like in real life there are douche bags. You don't have to interact with them.
3 - Yeah grinding sucks.
2 - Queue times are pretty much nonexistent anymore. I've never had to wait to log on and I've played since day 1.
1 - You don't lose any items when you die. As far as running to your corpse - there has to be some penalty for death. Otherwise we might as well have unlimited health. WOW's death penalty is alot better than other MMOs I've played (Asheron's Call and its cursed vitae).

It's fine if you don't like a game but don't try to tear it down just to tear it down. Anytime something becomes too popular it becomes cool to hate it. Happens with everything.


1 - You don't lose any items when you die.

Woops. The writer knows her WoW. The editor who altered the text doesn't. Fixed it.


Way to be behind the times.

I agree. All of these either have been improved or weren't that big of a deal in WoW to begin with.

Personally, the biggest reason to quit is when it stops being fun.

That's why I quit. The only new content was raid content which just isn't easy for a lot of people to enjoy. (You have to find a large group who has similar attitudes, play times, and what not for it to be enjoyable.)


Amazing! There is quite a bit of people up in arms here and ready to defend WoW. While the game was fun, I got tired of it after a couple of months but it was fun while it lasted. I didn't have to put up to queues myself and that was a good thing. I actually started playing right after they fixed it. Anyway, pretty much everything else but that were the reasons I got tired of it. Remember people that just like in real life, there are things that you will enjoy and things you won't and nobody has to say or not say something just to please you. If you didn't like the list, just move on. It's just a game after all.


No cookie for you, Dave! (#1 had originally mentioned "falling/feared through the world" and resurrection sickness. Fun stuff for everyone!)

Despite the jaded, cynical approach to writing this list, I still very much enjoy the game despite all of the bitterness that comes along with it. I wouldn't still be playing otherwise!

#2 (re: queues) is a bit misleading because it is in reference to specific server/realms (some people play on more than one), not the battleground queues. There has been some improvements, but during peak hours I occasional have to wait 10-15 minutes on Illidan (the server) to log in. I can understand the confusion since the screenshot shows a server name that is the same name as the battleground. That particular screenshot is actually the current login screen of the Burning Crusade (the current expansion).


The grinding, stupid people, monthly fee, and some sort of corpse run can really be applied to any MMO.

But the stupid people really shine in WoW, it's a cesspool of 13-15 year olds with the reading and writing capabilities of 1st graders. I honestly cannot even read half of the things they say, its such garbled broken English that I cannot even act dumb enough reproduce it here to offer an example. But I'm sure you all know what I am talking about. It's just great getting random group invites from people that try to explain what they are doing in 1 word or less.


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