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The 6 Suckiest Saturday Night Live Spinoff Movies

Mar. 13 5:39 PM by De_Blenniss

Once upon a time before the producers discovered that people weren't watching anything besides Andy Samberg's Digital Skits, Saturday Night Live had a history of throwing its classic characters onto the big screen. While there were a few success stories like Wayne's World, a few have marred cinema in a horrific fashion. Here's the 6 suckiest SNL spinoff movies ever created

6- The Ladies Man

Leon Phelps was a tolerable character on SNL. From time to time, Tim Meadows' only recurring character would be laugh out loud funny on the show, especially when he was joined by an attractive guest host. But when Phelps' transition from the silver screen happened all of the laughter got sucked out by a comedy black hole. With an impressive cast that could have saved the movie including Julianne Moore, Billy Dee Williams, and Will Ferrell, the movie didn't find a common ground. Ferrell's subplot of jealous lovers who have been emotionally scarred from Phelps is the film's strong point but Meadows isn't and it's his starring vehicle.

5- Superstar

"Superstar" is proof that any filmmaker's dream can become a reality; if an idea this bad can be made, anything can. Molly Shannon's wierdo Catholic schoolgirl Mary Catherine Ghallagher wants to be kissed passionately by school hottie Skye (Will Ferrell, again biding his time before his big break). She finds her chance to win Skye by defeating his girlfriend in a talent contest in which the winner receives a movie extra role in a film "with positive moral values". Are you asleep? Don't worry, so was most of America. The film does have a sweet side and it's the consistent thread throughout the film (directed by "Kids in the Hall" member Bruce McCullough) that gets you to the end credits. Watch for another glimmer of future hope for Will Ferrell (again) as he plays Jesus Christ.

4- Stuart Saves His Family

There are some funny moments in this movie. But the problem from the outset is that the entire premise deals with an abusive alcoholic father, a drug abusing brother, and an overweight and emotionally crippled mother and daughter. Sounds like the perfect ingredients for a comedy, right? The majority of material in "Stuart" is so heavy that the funny moments disappear completely. For a comedy ,that's not a compliment. Running out of new ideas the material falls flat as it tries to give background to a character instead of creating a new image for itself. Stuart, that weird but loveable guy becomes a train wreck hiding behind a self-imposed image of complete control. The movie comes off as odd instead of quirky.

3- A Night at the Roxbury

When you watch the two brothers from A Night at the Roxbury on SNL you may laugh, if only a few times, usually due to the content in the sketch being tailored for a particular host like Jim Carrey or Sylvester Stallone. Watch them for an hour and a half in this movie and you'll quickly realize why four minutes every other week was enough for these two characters. Forced to accept the lives established by their father the Butabi brothers battle an arranged marriage and themselves as they strive to become owners of their own club. Filled with supporting characters that again outshine their leads, "A Night at the Roxbury" makes the audience feels like the poor woman trapped between Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan. You're shocked, confused by why people are laughing, and you end up feeling abused at the end.

2- Coneheads

Maybe this could have worked in the late seventies but after a decade and a half since the last skit aired, the aliens from France could not repeat the magic of their immediate success. Filled with the newer faces of SNL like from the early nineties like Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Phil Hartman "Coneheads" was an awkward mix of two great tastes that didn't taste great together. It took four people to write this movie and I don't even want to image how many people it took to green light this movie. The older sketches of the "Coneheads" feel like they have aged gracefully. The reimagined movie on the other hand, makes you laugh out of sympathy instead of from real emotion.

1- Its Pat: The Movie

In the case of the majority of the stars of these films, the lack of success was a career-killer. This was best exemplified by Julia Sweeney in "Its Pat: The Movie?" Pat was annoying after the second sketch premiered on TV so naturally producers thought the movie would be a smash. Including a who's who of D-List comedians; Kathy Griffin, the late Charles Rocket, and Kathy Najimy this seventy-seven minute should be used as torture to those in Guantanamo Bay. And in case you were wondering, no, Pat's gender is still left ambiguous. I bet there's a sequel script somewhere that resolves that.


A Night at the Roxbury was a GOOD MOVIE!


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