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DoubleVikings Worst Trends of 2007: The Price of Being Trendy is Great

Nov. 13 6:33 PM by Ben Karl

Why is it that todays cool is yesterdays irony. I mean, celebrities wearing dead mice as a fashion statement? Ironic. Huffing the most disgusting brew of human waste to get high? Ironic. The list even lists lists as one of this years worst trends, how ironic!

1) Wearing Dead Rodents: This caught me off guard. I had no idea people were doing this. And celebrities none-the-less? Where have I been, under a rock? I guess the good thing about this is now I have a use for all the mice I kill. Time to renew my Ebay account!

2) Jenkem: No words can describe my utter confusion. Who decided to try this the first time? Who could be convinced to try this? Does it really make you hallucinate? Where can I get some? My butt? Oh, right.

3) Saying "That's a good look": I think this goes along well with the dead mouse thing. Definitely a good look!

4) Lists: Ouch, that hurts.

5) The TLDR Phenomenon: TLDR or tl;dr or Too long; didn't read, began as a popular statement to leave as a comment at the bottom of an article. DV calls it's originators arrogant and ignorant. I don't know what else they said.

6) Activist Documentaries with No Answers: There's a reason these documentaries don't have answers, the creators are hippies. Remember the sixties? Of course you don't.

7) Celebrities Joining The 9/11Truth Movement: Yeah I agree that this one is getting old. They use Rosie O'Donnell as an example. It's ironic that celebrities would use the same channel as the government to relay messages of anti-establishment. Thanks, for your martyrdom Rosie, but no thanks.

8) Retard Rap: I seriously doubt that the guys at Double Viking are based anywhere near the Bay Area, the birth place of "retard rap" otherwise referred to as the Hyphy movement. They say that this music has no substance. Popular music hasn't had substance in ten years! Don't be stupid doo-doo dumb, guys.

9) Your response videos to "Shocking" videos: No one wants to watch people react to a shocking video. That's watching a video of someone watching porn. Something I've never done.


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