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Top 5 Bands that Guy with the Black Rimmed Glasses Talks Your Ear Off About at a Party

Oct. 31 11:37 AM by De_Blenniss

We have all been in that situation. You are at a party and then that one guy with the black glasses strikes up a conversation about pop culture just to hear his own voice and not your opinion. Well, these are the top 5 bands that he will probably discuss with you while you try and figure out a way to leave.

5. Interpol

Although rare (in the sense that an Interpol fan actually wants to talk to you), if you bring up immediate comparisons to Joy Division you will be regarded as elementary and that you "don't understand" the music in question. Be prepared to be bombarded with an attack of your lack of appreciation for artful music, and how everything you listen to is crap.

Best way to duck out of the conversation: Shine a bright light in their face and bolt out the door.

4. Death Cab for Cutie

This band tends to make things a bit awkward especially if the conversation goes into a "how much the music meant to me because I had problems with my dad" detour. Unless your problems at home match your lecturer's you can be sure that you're in for a rocky road including details about your counterpart only their analyst should hear.

Best way to duck out of the conversation: Quietly go to the other side of the room when you offer to get the person a Kleenex.

3. The Pixies

Frank Black's clever lyrics and Kim Deal's angelic voice layered this bands "Quiet Loud" backdrop of layered rhythms. Now they have reunited on tour causing millions of innocent partiers to hold their sweating Dixie cups in anticipation for when the conversation of "how religious it was to see them" will be over. This bands music was always quietly understood to be amazing by many social groups, now it has turned into an "I'm cooler" contest when someone saw them live. Death to the Pixies indeed.

Best way to duck out of the conversation: Politely say, "Nah man, they sound too much like Nirvana."

2. The Smiths

Morrissey's nasally whine has the unique ability to come out of the headphones, become implanted into the listener, and then emerge out of the Back Rimmed glasses guy's voice while he tells you that The Smith's are the best band of the 80's. The problem with The Smith's is that everyone knows who the band is, yet for some reason that point is neglected when a discussion of 80's music comes up. I almost wish they wouldn't have broken up just for the fact that they would be together and no one would like them anymore.

Best way to duck out of the conversation: After a long-winded conversation about Morrissey simply reply, " Wait... Morrissey's gay, right?"

1. Velvet Underground

I know... I know. Either you get them or you don't. Lou Reed is a poet first and a musician second (blah blah). Their sound is unique and their first record still holds up since it first came out, but their strangeness has now translated to... " I was ignored in high school and focused on Art and found my escape in Heroin (not the drug but the song)."

Best way to duck out of the conversation: Complain that Mo Tucker plays drums like a hyper active five year old that found some drum sticks.

Have a crazy list concept on the tip of your brain? Send it to us, and we'll make it a reality!


It used to be Weezer, but now it's Rilo Kiley.


I would say Muse definitely fits this topic. Most people are turned-off by the lead singer's operatic so nobody ever gets to really focus on how developed and intricate the music is. They use an old method (sadly forgotten in today's song writing) called 4-part voice leading. this is found in classical music, where soprano, alto, tenor, and bass lines are the ingredients. It's where each voice (instrument or vocal) moves independently to form classical chord progressions, while not violating the RULES OF PROPER SONGWRITING.
And yes...hippies...there is such a thing as PROPER SONG WRITING. Take Music THeory 201 and see what I mean.

I can just picture the subsequent posts...
"Duuude there's no rules to songwriting. That's what makes music what it is" or "music is from the heart"


i love muse, each album has been different and each song is an amazing song in it's own right. They are also AMAZING live.

There are no rules to songwriting, but the your music takes depends on what genre of music you're going for.

by the way i've only heard of one of the bands on this list! and the smiths are baaaaad!!


Tylerkillzit...you have a point with Muse. But as a former music major....who has taken a music theory course...quite being arrogant. You of all people should know what it takes to write a "song" and how easy it is. That's Theory 101 stuff.

Have fun failing at the pop music world.


at least with the smiths, VU and the pixies, the horned rimmed glasses guy will be talking about good music.....you could add the cure, pavement, joy division and belle and sebastian to the list. people get really pushy about these bands as well....


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