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The 009 Nastiest Bond Villain Deaths

Nov. 6 5:54 PM by OMGLists Team

It's been said that the James Bond movies are only as strong as their villains. Considering that some of the goriest deaths in the series come from the main villain executing his own henchmen (whether it's via piranha, sharks, compression chambers and the like), the head villains seem to get off easy. Sometimes, however, 007 gives them exactly what they deserve. Here are the nine grisliest ways that Bond's main antagonists have met their demise.

9- The World is Not Enough (1999)

Bond (Pierce Brosnan) mixes it up with terrorist-anarchist Renard (Robert Carlyle) in a nuclear submarine. As Renard prepares to move the last rod into position that will launch a nuclear missile, Bond re-routes the pressure so the rod is forcefully expelled, thus impaling the villain.

8- Moonraker (1979)

Dull villain Drax (Michael Lonsdale) is shot by bond with a poison dart, pushed into an airlock, and jettisoned by Bond (Roger Moore) into outer space. Although the sequence is pretty tame (and the effects dated), in reality, Drax's journey into space would have been a lot messier (more like something out of Total Recall)...

7- GoldenEye (1995)

Bond (Brosnan) and former MI-6 agent Alex Trevelyan (Sean Bean) battle it out on a radar dish that's suspended several hundred feet over a crater. Trevelyan is flung from the dish and hits the ground, but isn't quite dead...yet. Trevelyan does meet his demise a few moments later, when the dish's supports explode and the entire structure falls on him.

6- Goldfinger (1964)

After defeating Oddjob (Harold Sakata) in Fort Knox, Bond (Sean Connery) is on a private plane, thinking his mission is complete...until Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) appears with a pistol. Bond leaps at Goldfinger. In the ensuing struggle, a window is accidentally shot, and the rotund Goldfinger is slowly sucked through the opening's small diameter.

5- Live and Let Die (1973)

This is the silliest death in the entire James Bond series. While fighting his arch-villain Kananga (Yaphet Kotto) underwater, Bond (Moore) shoves a compressed-air bullet in the bad guy's mouth. Kananga swallows the bullet, inflates like a giant balloon, hits the ceiling, and pops. Monty Python would be proud.

Watch the death in this YouTube clip!

4- Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Rupert Murdoch-ish media baron Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) nearly starts World War III by sending a remote-controlled torpedo capped by a grinder eat to through warships. It also does a good job of eating people, too as Bond (Brosnan) shoves Carver into the hungry blades during the film's climax.

Watch the death in this YouTube clip!

3- Die Another Day (2002)

Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) is one of the most arrogant and smug of the Bond villains, so his demise is especially fitting. After beating Bond (Brosnan) senseless with "power gloves" (yes, this is one of the stupidest movies in the series) aboard a giant jet, Graves dons a parachute and intends to leave the disabled craft. While gloating to Bond, the resourceful agent pulls the ripcord on the parachute, which, in turn, pulls Graves into one of the jet's turbines.

2- Dr. No (1962)

Complete with mechanical hands, Dr. No (Joseph Wiseman) fights Bond (Connery) by a pool of nuclear-reactor coolant. The bad doctor, however, falls onto a slowly-lowering platform and descends into the boiling water, as his mechanical hands are unable to get a grip on the railing or any other wet surface.

1- Licence to Kill (1989)

Bond (Timothy Dalton), having gone rouge in order to avenge his friend Felix Leiter, "joins" head bad-guy Sanchez' (Robert Davi) drug operation. After Bond's cover is blown (and a spectacular chase involving oil tankers), the spy and his nemesis crash down the side of a hill. Covered in flammable liquid, Sanchez prepares to execute Bond with a machete-until Bond lights him ablaze with a cigarette lighter (which, ironically, was given to him by Felix).

Watch the death in this YouTube clip!

List written by GamePro Managing Editor Mike Weigand.

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The Timothy Dalton Bond movies were by far the edgiest of all. Lots of no mercy ass-kicking, at the time it was a HUGE change from the Sean Connery/Roger Moore of Bond.

Great list!


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