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OMGLists SpotLists--The 3 Best OMG Network Lists of the Week!

Aug. 21 5:01 PM by Dave Rudden

We may have a burning passion for lists here at OMGLists, but we're not the only ones. In fact, many of the other sites in our OMG Network produce equally stellar lists that catch our eyes. Here's a collection of the best recent one, presented to you in--you guessed it--list format.

3- Five Raddest Retro Console RPGs at OMGRPG

Let's be frank here. We're all huge nerds here. And nothing gets a nerd all riled up like a discussion about awesome RPGs, especially if they're of the NES/SNES variety. OMGRPG has a list of the five best 8 and 16-bit RPGs we loved back in the day of the cartridge. Before we had 10 minute long summon spells and emo-styled protagonists, we had sprites spouting Engrish and random battles against eight different types of slime. Memories...

2- Five Reasons Why Games Are Better Than Movies at GamePro Arcade

Even though this has been a banner year for feature films, what with cinematic feats like Dark Knight, Iron Man, Cloverfield, and Meet the Spartans (what?!), there's still much to be said about the failings of the modern movie-going experience. Instead of gassing up the Hummer to hit the megaplex, GamePro Arcade offers up 5 reasons why you're much better off grabbing a controller than a jumbo box of popcorn.

1- The Twelve Goriest Moments from Non-Horror Films from OMGHorror

Sometimes, you want a good helping of gore, but just don't have it in you to deal with the dark dreariness of horror movies. That's when you turn to this handy list at OMGHorror, which compiles 12 extremely nasty scenes from otherwise gore-free movies. If you've ever wanted to scare a date with some stealth blood-n-guts, this a list you'll want to memorize top to bottom.


great new feature.
Now my list reading will haveto increase four tims!


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