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5 Fine Web-sitcoms You Must Watch

Jul. 30 6:48 PM by Dave Rudden

Ugh. This stupid summer TV season is breaking new ground in the world of suck. If you're tired of "Farmer Wants a Wife" and "I Survived a Japanese Game Show," there's an entire internet full of amazingly hilarious shows. With most episodes running roughly five to ten minutes, why not sample a show or two?

5- Red vs. Blue

In production for almost as long as the Halo series itself, Red vs. Blue paved a very large road in the world of machinima--the art of using game engines as forms of animation. That World of Warcraft "South Park" episode? This Spartan Life? All of them have Red vs. Blue to thanks. This serial comedy, based on opposing capture-the-flag teams in Halo (and later, Halo 2 and Halo 3), managed to make Halo funny, even to those who know nothing about running riots and gold skulls.

See more of the show at Roosterteeth.com

4- Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

If only for a week, Dr. Horrible ruled the internet. Created by Joss Whedon and starring Neil Patrick Harris and Firefly's Nathan Fillion, Dr. Horrible is the kind of creative, ingenious comedy that would likely be canceled on any major network within a month. Thankfully, on the internet, nothing gets canceled. Even though the show has come and gone (and come again) on Hulu, Dr. Horrible can permanently be found on iTunes, and, eventually on DVD. How it performs on both of those formats may just dictate how TV on the internet might be marketed in the future. .

See more of the show at Hulu.com

3- Wainy Days

One of the creative geniuses behind two of the greatest sketch comedy teams of all time finally gets to try his hand at episodic comedy. David Wain, from "The State" and "Stella" fame, is the star of Wainy Days, a web series that chronicles the love life of our aforementioned comedy hero. More often than not, Wain finds himself with a new guest star harlot, with whom he engages in progressively weirder courtships with. Note to all bachelor readers out there--do not take your date out to a concert inside of a giant's butthole. .

See more of the show at MyDamnChannel.com

2- Clark and Michael

You may remember Michael Cera from the hit comedy film "Superbad." You probably don't recognize Clark Duke from the same film, in which he played a non-speaking background character during that house-party scene at the end. Both actors, regardless of their relevance in said hit comedy, put forth amazingly hilarious performances in "Clark and Michael," a web sitcom commissioned by CBS, in which the duo try to sell a show to major networks. We should hope that they continue to fail in that endeavor, if only because it'll allow them to create more episodes with memorable quotes like "They brushed our teeth with their dicks!" .

See more of the show at ClarkandMichael.com

1- Strong Bad Emails

The original and best, Strong Bad's Emails set the standard for web animation. Along with the hundreds of other shorts, skits, and games that populate HomestarRunner.com, Strong Bad has been entertaining the internet since 2000. With almost 200 emails to peruse, most of which are populated with easter eggs and inside jokes, it'll take quite some time to digest every sweet serving of sbemails, but you'll enjoy every second. Take it to the limit! .

See more of the show at HomestarRunner.com


I laughed at all of these web sidcoms. Thanks dave for on article.


I like purepwnage... it's long and the first few episodes are pretty bad, but after that, it's all great.


Another one that deserves mentioning is Uncle Nagy's House. The first episode is...not that great (it's best to watch the significantly shortened version floating around on Youtube just for the sake of getting the story) but from the second one on, it's basically pure comedy gold.


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