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7 Consistently Hilarious Talk Show Guests

Sep. 10 2:22 PM by Brady Sullivan

The hosts of talk shows are what get them to stay on the air, but what gets casual viewers to tune in are the guests. Sometimes they are actors with no business trying to be funny--'m looking at you Emile Hirsch!--but others are gems that make a conversation between host and guest like a fine jazz riff, except less pretentious and more funny. Here are 7 of the guests that consistently entertain us.

7- Bill Murray

Throughout his career Bill Murray has transitioned from a rapid fire jokester to a king of quiet, awkward comedy, but nowhere have the two come together better than on his late night appearances. As long as he has been guesting he has been constantly entertaining, always bringing a weird vibe of awkwardness on the brink of hilarity to the table and rarely discussing whatever film he is actually there to promote. During his appearance on Letterman's very first late night show alone he started a fake fight with Dave and did an aerobics routine to Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical." But perhaps his most memorable appearance on Letterman came just last year when he used Dave's connections at CBS to call the head of the company, Les Moonves, and try to finagle some free tickets to the Super Bowl.

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OMGLists SpotLists--The 4 Best Recent OMG Network Lists!

Sep. 9 5:31 PM by OMGLists Team

We're back again with another batch of listy goodness from around the OMG blog network. We've picked the best lists from our sister sites and ranked them in order. Mmm... numeration.

4- The 10 Most Legendary Swords in Gaming from OMGRPG

There's no item in gaming more iconic than the sword. Flailing about and striking your enemies with a long, sharp blade may be illegal in real-life, but in gaming, it's the norm. OMGRPG has collected the 10 greatest swords that the gaming community has had the honor of wielding.

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6 Odd Inventions Google Could Extend Its Empire With

Sep. 5 6:23 PM by Kate McNally

With the launch of the Google Chrome web browser this week, one begins to wonder just how big the Google empire is going to become. They're already the best place the work in the nation, the most popular search engine, have created a new verb ("I'll just google it..."), so what's next? Here are our ideas for Google's next ventures:

6- Google Toilet Paper

When you're already wiping the floor with your competition you might as well take it as far as you can go. Why not allow your adoring fans to wipe their asses with the sad excuses for rivals whose butts you're kicking? We think Google should design a toilet paper that plays off their simple white background. Only instead of "Google" all over the place you can have MSN, Yahoo, Safari, Firefox, etc. The rolls would be HUGE what with all the groups Google has trounced-you'd always have a square to spare.

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8 Poorly Disguised Secret Identities

Sep. 3 4:08 PM by Aaron_Koehn

As a superhero, maintaining your secret identity is paramount to a happy and healthy crime fighting career, and the same can be said for other vocations that utilize alter-egos. Unfortunately, all too often this clandestine identity isn't taken serious enough, and the people employing its use don't go far enough to shore up their secrets. Here are 8 examples of the most poorly disguised secret identities.

8- Angel Grove High School Students

The Secret Identity:

These powerful rangers capable of morphin really favored repeatedly wearing certain colors, and it wasn't by accident that their street clothes proclaimed the same 'tude as their "righteous" personalities. These were bold people with strong convictions, which could only be expressed with a wardrobe consisting of one color.

The Hero:

Once danger reared its ugly head and the morphin began (accompanied by a bitchin' guitar solo), the six mighty rangers--whose superhero costuming was always in the same color as their street clothes--would flip onto the battle scene, perform some kung-fu and then transform back into their identically-tinted school clothes. The pink ranger back into her pink dress, the green ranger back into his sleeveless green polo, and no one was ever the wiser regarding this group of six inseparable friends who were always suspiciously near those massive battles with extraterrestrial robots.

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The 8 Most Hilarious Celebrity Accidents

Aug. 27 2:47 PM by Brady Sullivan

As a culture we adore our celebrities. We may not know what initiatives are on the ballot this fall, but we sure as hell know how many pushes it took Angelina Jolie to crank out the latest additions to her brood. However, the one thing we love more than adoring our celebrities is laughing at them when, for just a brief moment, they falter and appear to be almost human. Here are our 8 favorite humiliating celebrity accidents.

8- Tara Reid's Inadvertent Topless Photo Shoot

After having as much work done on her boobs as she did, it's no surprise that Tara Reid has absolutely no feeling left in her most striking features. Because silicone has no nerve endings, Tara did not even realize her breast had fallen out in front of an entire crew of rabid paparazzi members at a premiere. The photographers hit the jackpot as Tara stood obliviously smiling until an aide (or just someone that likes to ruin a good time) rushed over to clothe her (unsurprisingly haggard looking) breast once more. Still, with a resume that includes Josie and the Pussycats and Hitched it's the best entertainment she's ever produced.

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OMGLists SpotLists--The 3 Best OMG Network Lists of the Week!

Aug. 21 5:01 PM by Dave Rudden

We may have a burning passion for lists here at OMGLists, but we're not the only ones. In fact, many of the other sites in our OMG Network produce equally stellar lists that catch our eyes. Here's a collection of the best recent one, presented to you in--you guessed it--list format.

3- Five Raddest Retro Console RPGs at OMGRPG

Let's be frank here. We're all huge nerds here. And nothing gets a nerd all riled up like a discussion about awesome RPGs, especially if they're of the NES/SNES variety. OMGRPG has a list of the five best 8 and 16-bit RPGs we loved back in the day of the cartridge. Before we had 10 minute long summon spells and emo-styled protagonists, we had sprites spouting Engrish and random battles against eight different types of slime. Memories...

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The 8 Most Memorable Comic Book Deaths

Aug. 20 3:05 PM by Aaron_Koehn

Some entertainment mediums can be pretty stingy when it comes to killing off important characters; fortunately the comic book isn't one of them. Whether they're setting a storyline in motion or providing an apt conclusion to one, comic book deaths--even the temporary ones--can be especially memorable. Here's 8 deaths we'll remember for the rest of our lives.

8-Robin 2, a.k.a. Jason Todd

After the first Robin blossomed into a grown man and left the ol' Batcave for bigger and better things, the empty nest syndrome hit Batman hard and eventually he recruited another Boy Wonder to fill the void.  Unfortunately, for both Batman and the new Robin, this new sidekick proved to not be so wonderful and eventually he found himself on the wrong end of a crowbar wielded by the Joker.  You'd think that after witnessing Batman's young assistant receive a severe beating from the Ace of Knaves and then get blown up, the majority of readers would feel sympathy for the tragic character; however, most people hated Jason Todd so much they were happy to see him go.  In fact, DC held a massive vote prior to the comic's publication allowing the readers to determine whether or not Robin would live or die, and ultimately the readers chose the later.  However, the exploding of Jason Todd did pave the way for Batman's third sidekick. This one he creatively titled: Robin.

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6 Fictional Battle of the Bands We'd Love to See

Aug. 19 4:32 PM by Kate McNally

When watching a program, movie, or fictional genre rife with fake bands, it can get hard to separate the pretenders from the pretenders who are really good at making fake music. In order to simplify things, we've taken 6 of the more contentious fictional band rivalries and settled them for you. You're welcome.

6- Zack Attack vs. Hot Sundae

What is more typical American teenager then being in a band? Nothing, that's what. So a show that portrays "typical" American teenagers needs to include a band-Saved By The Bell was just that show and boy-howdy they had some musical interludes. Thus, "Zack Attack" was formed. Most of the main cast was in it with each playing their personality-specific part. Zack was the pretty-boy front-man, Slater pounded those macho sticks on the macho drums, Screech rocked the oh-so-respectable keyboard, Lisa (the token black character) rocked the soulful bass (which is, of course, what all people of color do giving their inherent soulfulness), and the rest of the girls did back-up vocals which is typical for pretty girls who can't play instruments. In the other corner we have the three girls putting their singing talents to use by forming the group "Hot Sundae." How double-entendre of them. While Zack Attack really only featured prominently in a dream sequence and at one school dance, Hot Sundaes actually made a music video-albeit the cheesiest one ever created. They pretty much run into a tie as far as bands go, but Hot Sundaes manages to edge out a win because Jessie does the cool rock star thing and forms a drug addiction. Caffeine pills are so punk rock.

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The 8 Best One-Punch Knockouts in Movie History

Aug. 18 5:48 PM by Dave Rudden

In real life, it's hard to take down an enemy with one punch. Moreover, it hardly assures your dominance after the act. In the wonderful world of Hollywood, however, a well-placed punch will bring about great change. Here's 8 punches that mattered.

8- Jason Voorhees vs. Julius Gaw in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Friday the 13th antagonist Jason Voorhees has two types of interaction with his enemies. Either he's quickly killing an unsuspecting and usually nude victim or being slowly killed by the survivors at the end of the film. His brawl with pugilist Julius Gaw seems to defy that convention, which makes the conclusion all the more shocking. Julius unloads punch after punch on Jason, which fazed the mass murderer ever so slightly. After a minute of uninterrupted and ineffectual offense, Julius relents, allowing Jason to finally get a punch in. He only needs one, since it beheads Julius, sending his cranium careening off the roof, and into a dumpster, with such force that the lid closes over it!

Knockout Time: 1:56.

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7 Film Failures That Killed Studios

Aug. 13 4:02 PM by Brady Sullivan

Box office bombs are nothing special. Every so often an Adventures of Pluto Nash or Stealth gets unleashed on a public that recognizes how terrible it will be and refuse to go. And have you seen the public lately? Your movie has to be pretty damn bad to tip these people off. But once in a great while, a film will emerge that does so poorly that it manages to destroy not just Hollywood careers, but entire movie studios. So join us in paying tribute to these 7 studio killing disasterpieces

7- Million Dollar Mystery

At first glance, Million Dollar Mystery seems like nothing more than a bad rip-off of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad (is that too many Mads?) World. An ex-White House employee tells a Diner full of kooky characters where he has hidden 4 million dollars, each million hidden separately. Naturally crazy, comical antics ensue as the motley crew find and subsequently lose all three of the first million dollar bounties. So far just a less entertaining Rat Race. And Rat Race wasn't exactly a laugh riot. However, here's the twist: during the credits a member of the cast appears to tell the audience to follow the clues on special Glad-Bags so they can track down the fourth million themselves! Unfortunately even this marketing scam didn't help the movie, which grossed even less for the studio than that million dollars they promised. De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, which produced the gimmicky disaster, folded soon after the failure. Probably didn't help that one of the few movies they made after was called Dracula's Widow.

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